The Search

What is the search?

Designed to help you work through and answer the five essential questions of life and meaning, The SEARCH is a unique opportunity for groups and individuals to have a memorable experience driven by these core discussions.

These are questions we answer every moment of every day we are alive but rarely do we ever stop to actually think about them. The SEARCH will provide you with meaningful answers to life’s essential questions!

how does it work?

The SEARCH can be done as a weekend or 5 week experience throughout Phoenix and begins with a celebration where you meet your group and Experience Architect (EA). This celebration often includes a meal and the opportunity to share what you hope to experience during The SEARCH.

In each experience, your EA will lead you through a conversation oriented by one of the five essential questions in locations designed to illustrate the discussion. These experiences happen via your schedule and coordination with your group and EA.

After each experience you will receive a password that will take you to further web content related to the experience.