What is Foundations?

Once a participant has completed the Five Questions Everyone Must Answer series the second phase of the SEARCH Experience begins. Guided by Foundations, our tested approach to this phase, one begins to learn what it means to establish a substantial foundation for a meaningful life and how to integrate it into home, work and play.

WHy is foundations important?

Just like a building, our lives need strong footing to withstand all that we encounter in life. This footing comes to us in the form of timeless principles that aid in establishing structure for a meaningful existence. Rarely do we stop to discuss the foundation upon which our life is built, let alone take an intentional approach for doing so.

how does it work?

Foundations begins with a four week look at how our personal foundation can be established. Then it continues on into the next phase providing the template for how life can be lived based on what has been experienced.

couples Experience

The couples experience is normally hosted during the evening in a home. Often light hors d’oeuvres, dinner or dessert is served followed by discussion.

marketplace EXPERIENCE

The marketplace experience is hosted either early in the morning or at lunchtime fitting into the flow of a work day. These experiences work well in conference rooms or reserved locations where food can be served.