Five Questions Everyone Must Answer


What are the five questions?

Bet you wish you knew!

The Five Questions Everyone Must Answer series is comprised of questions that we are answering everyday and at every stage of life. The experience is designed to raise awareness in your life of these defining questions. Also, it will begin to prepare you to help others answer them as well.

WHy are they important?

The search for a deeper sense of meaning in life begins with thought. If we are not willing to process what it means to live a significant life, then reality is we won’t find it. ┬áThe five questions are present every moment of every day we are alive but rarely do we ever stop to actually think about them. Now is your chance to get your questions answered!


The Five Questions Everyone Must Answer series runs for 5 weeks. It operates best when the group agrees to be present, participate and complete follow up.

couples Experience

The couples experience is normally hosted during the evening in a home. Often light hors d’oeuvres, dinner or dessert is served followed by discussion.

marketplace EXPERIENCE

The marketplace experience is hosted either early in the morning or at lunchtime fitting into the flow of a work day. These experiences work well in conference rooms or reserved locations where food can be served.

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